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SPECIALITY: Europe, Rates,

Abhishek is a fixed income strategist with 12 years of experience in the developed markets rates space. His particular area of expertise is the Eurozone rates market and has worked on both the sell-side and the buy-side.

Outside of markets, he enjoys time consuming hobbies including playing golf and watching test cricket & back-to-back boxsets.


In: Hive Exclusives | Europe

Consequences of the ECB Tiering Mechanism

September 13, 2019

The ECB meeting proved to be tumultuous as feared by many participants. In particular it would appear that the details of the…

In: Hive Exclusives | Europe Monetary Policy & Inflation

ECB Preview: Unintended Consequences of Tiering

September 12, 2019

While the market remains focused on the headline announcements about rate cuts and the restart of QE, the ECB’s decisions on tiering and issue/issuer limits could be more important looking ahead. And here are three reasons why:…

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