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Dominique Dwor-Frecaut

Dominique Dwor-Frecaut is a senior macro strategist at Macro Hive, specializing in US economics and monetary policy. She completed her Master’s and Ph.D. in Economics from the London School of Economics, and her first major position in finance was as an economist at the IMF. 

After that, Dominique continued to rack up experience, first as a-Singapore-based EM strategist, then  as Portfolio Strategist at Bridgewater Associates followed by a stint as Head of Research at a NYC-based startup macro hedge fund. 

Dominique’s expertise lies in macroeconomics and monetary policy, and she has a strong record of producing alpha-generating insights and successful calls in FX and rates. As someone who revels in ‘challenging the consensus,’ she is responsible for generating research that has practical implications for Macro Hive’s portfolio.

Before joining Macro Hive in November 2019, Dominique was a Senior Associate at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and then a Senior Macro Strategist at a LA-based macro hedge fund.

Dominique’s expertise is regularly called upon by numerous financial organizations, including Bloomberg and Real Vision

Twitter: Dominique Dwor-Frecaut (@firstkicktires) / Twitter

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