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Attard Montalto is Director and head of Capital Markets Research at Intellidex – a South African research and consulting company. He advises global and local portfolio investors, corporate boards and c-suite on political economy issues in South Africa and through the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa. Currently energy policy and its interface with investors, state owned enterprises and private companies in South Africa is a major part of his focus.


In: Hive Exclusives | ESG & Climate Change

How EU Climate Policy Is Pressuring South Africa’s Economy & Bond Market

April 30, 2021

Summary South Africa’s high GHG emissions leave its economy and bond market vulnerable.Forthcoming EU rules on disclosing portfolio carbon intensity accelerate the…

In: Hive Exclusives | COVID-19 ESG & Climate Change Investment Strategy Rates

Will The Crisis Shake Some Deeply Rooted Investing Trees?

May 28, 2020

How should an investor price a government bond? Is the risk of repayment all that matters, or is it important to consider what the proceeds will be…

ESG investing

In: Hive Exclusives | Emerging Markets Investment Strategy Sustainability & Social Issues

Do EM Investors Care About Climate Change?

January 16, 2020

Climate change worries are increasingly impacting investment mandates. By the end of this year (despite pushback from passive investors), 25% of…

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