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Jon Caplis

Mr. Caplis serves as PivotalPath’s CEO, responsible for setting the firm’s strategy and overseeing all aspects of the firm’s operations. Mr. Caplis also serves on PivotalPath’s board. In his 10 years of direct hedge fund experience, Mr. Caplis served as co-head of portfolio allocation and risk management at Campbell & Co., a multi-billion dollar systematic hedge fund.

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  1. The Inflation Effect on Hedge Funds

    Jon Caplis

    PivotalPath examines the performance of hedge fund indices under different inflation regimes.

  2. April Hedge Fund Insights by PivotalPath

    Jon Caplis

    The PivotalPath Composite Index returned -0.8% in March amid banking failures, concerns of financial contagion risks and historic shifts in interest rates. The S&P 500 Index rose 3.7% and the Nasdaq and Russell 2000 had mixed performance: +6.7% and -5.0%, respectively.

  3. Historic Rally in Treasuries and the Effect on Managed Futures

    Jon Caplis

    Given the recent extreme moves in US Treasury yields, the team at PivotalPath analyzed managed futures funds and their exposure to Treasuries to help understand and put into context potential implications.

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