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Tatiana Orlova

Tatiana Orlova holds a MSc in Economics from the LSE and has worked as an Emerging Market economist and strategist since graduation in 2001. She has been employed in EM research teams in four investment banks covering a diverse range of CEEMEA economies, with a particular specialism in the post-Soviet economies.

Tatiana’s unique background and experience, as well as her deep knowledge of the region’s economics, history and geopolitical realities, has allowed her to make accurate forecasts and predictions across the range of Fixed Income instruments. She has covered the region’s hydrocarbon producers during the oil crises of 2008-2009 and 2014-2016, and issued a range of successful calls. Most notably, in September 2014 she predicted that Russia was about to lose its investment grade sovereign rating, which was then a highly non-consensus view. Similarly, she correctly called imminent downgrades of sovereign ratings of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan during the following winter. She also has a track record of successful FX and interest rate recommendations.

Tatiana is a widely known expert on the post-Soviet economies who has given multiple interviews to major world financial media (such as FT, Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC etc) and spoken at conferences attended by hundreds of clients.

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