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  1. Asset Allocation Update: Cash Is Safe

    Bilal Hafeez

    In 2022, we outlined our ‘everything breaks’ portfolio, which meant constantly overweighting cash above all else.

  2. March Hedge Fund Insights by PivotalPath

    Jon Caplis

    The PivotalPath Composite Index returned 0.1% in February amid declining equity markets. The S&P 500 declined 2.4% and the Nasdaq and Russell 2000 fell -1.1% and -1.8%, respectively. The whipsaw and volatility continues from 2022 as the S&P 500 and most other major markets were negative after rallying in January.

  3. Prime Trade Ideas: Prepare for a Hawkish Battle

    Ben Ford

    Bilal’s asset allocation will be updated in March. For now, the themes remain: Investors expect the Federal Reserve (Fed) to end its hiking cycle soon.

  1. Small-Cap Oil Stocks Are Compelling

    Josh Young

    Small-cap oil and gas equities are trading at a discount compared to large-cap peers. Share price underperformance and rapid fundamental improvement have rendered valuations more compelling.

  2. Prime Trade Ideas: Positioning for Wrongly Priced Central Banks

    Ben Ford

    We consolidate our favourite biases into one, easy-to-read, weekly report! Please find the original pieces linked throughout and a summary table at the end of the document.

  3. Prime Trade Ideas: Outperform the S&P 500 as the Fed Slows

    Ben Ford

    The Federal Reserve (Fed), European Central Bank (ECB) and Bank of England (BoE) have all hiked in February. Here are our latest views to survive in what follows:

How Oil Could Surge to $120 in 2023

Bilal Hafeez

With investors reducing their net long oil positions to multi-year lows, one of 2023’s biggest surprises would be a surge in the black gold.

Are Hedge Funds Actually Beating the Market?

Jon Caplis

Hedge funds performed well in 2022 against a backdrop of volatile and declining equity markets. In December, the PivotalPath Hedge Fund Composite Index rose 0.4% versus the S&P 500’s decline of 5.6%.

  1. US Housing Will Be a Bellwether 2023 Market

    Richard Jones

    The US housing market is poised for a tough couple of years. A mix of challenging supply/demand dynamics, combined with stretched affordability and deteriorating sentiment, will weigh on the market.

  2. Asset Allocation Update: Turning Overweight Commodities and Neutral Equities

    Bilal Hafeez

    2023 has started with a positive tone. Most risk markets from equities to crypto are up, and we identify four driving themes:

  3. How You Should Be Thinking About Hedge Funds

    Jon Caplis

    A quality index can serve as a meaningful benchmark to evaluate performance when investing in active managers and hedge funds. However, over $4.5tn of global hedge fund capital is benchmarked against inaccurate and often misleading indices.

Iron Ore Rally Rolls on as Steel Mills Rebuild Inventories

John Tierney

The iron ore rally has continued through the holidays as steel mills rebuild stocks in anticipation of renewed building activity in 2023.

Farmland: Another Alternative Asset

Richard Jones

Farmland is increasingly becoming a focus for market participants as alternative assets feature more prominently in investment portfolios.

  1. Using Oil To Trade Equities

    Sam van de Schootbrugge

    A new Journal of Banking and Finance paper constructs a momentum model based on stock market returns and oil-implied volatility.

  2. Growth Remains Weak Following Party Congress

    Bilal Hafeez and Ben Ford

    Our market data-based tracker remained deeply negative, despite a slight improvement over the past two weeks, while the economic data-based tracker was unchanged...

  3. OPEC+ Supply Struggles Could Benefit Oil Prices

    Josh Young

    OPEC+ has announced it will slash oil production quotas by 2MM bbl/d, effective November.

Growth Traipsing Lower Ahead of Party Congress

Bilal Hafeez and Ben Ford

Our market data-based tracker has continued to weaken following a renewed weakening in the economic data-based tracker (Charts 1 and 2).

September Data Suggests Index Recovery Was Temporary

Bilal Hafeez and Ben Ford

The short-term recoveries of our market data-based tracker and, more notably, our economic data-based tracker might well be over.

Investing in the Commodities Market

At Macro Hive, we offer cutting-edge insights into commodity investing to keep you ahead of the market. Our commodity investment analysis primarily covers energy, metals, and food. Specifically, we research oil, gold, natural gas, iron ore, copper, wheat and other foods, agricultural products and related indices such as the Baltic Dry Index.
The commodities market can be an important way to diversify your portfolio beyond traditional securities. However, commodities can be risky as supply and demand can fluctuate significantly according to uncertainties that are hard or impossible to predict (such as weather, disease, geopolitics, and natural disasters).
Though once largely limited to professional investors, commodity markets today are more accessible. There are many ways to invest in commodity markets including futures contracts and options. There are also a wide variety of commodity stocks, and you can access some of the best commodity stocks via exchange-traded funds. A commodity stock ETF offers exposure to macro commodity market trends while minimizing the risk associated with individual company fundamentals.

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