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Andrew Simon

Andrew has spent over 25 years in finance on both the buy side and sell side. He co-founded Eschaton Opportunities Fund, a $100 mn+ hedge fund focused on global thematic value investing.

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  1. Tesla Bitcoin Bombshell: The Trickle May Turn to a Flood

    John Butler, Andrew Simon

    The US corporate cash pile has grown to historically unprecedented levels and may soon flood into bitcoin and gold...

  2. Could US Tech Companies Start Buying Bitcoin and Gold?

    John Butler, Andrew Simon

    US corporate cash holdings have risen to record highs in recent years, both outright and as a percentage of net worth. A majority of that excess cash...

  3. Reinforcing Our Bullish Oil Call With Driving And Mobility Data

    John Butler, Andrew Simon, Stefan Posea

    Re-opening of economies and less use of public transport should see energy demand pick up. OPEC supply cuts and global producers shutting down...

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