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Mirza Baig

Mirza Baig is one of the top market strategists in the industry and has been researching and trading global FX & rates products for over 19 years. His career boasts affiliations with premier sell-side entities such as Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, and Deutsche Bank. Moreover, his invaluable expertise from the buy-side perspective at Point 72 positions him uniquely in the industry. At Macro Hive, Mirza focuses on EM strategy and global macro, as well as developing analytics for investors.

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    Mirza Baig

    China’s tech stocks were hammered this month after a sweeping, multi-pronged crackdown by Chinese regulators...

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    Mirza Baig

    High-frequency data on FX settlement through end-February shows net flows have remained in surplus (Chart 2). This is thanks to portfolio...

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