Macro Hive Professional

Macro Hive Professional is our market leading global macro research product for institutional clients.

Our Professional offering is quite different from our Prime subscription. Here we focus on leveraging quantitative analysis and machine learning, detailed trade ideas across the macro space, our model portfolio with tracked returns and Sharpe ratio, full access to all the researchers and 24 hour global coverage. We deliver the interactive content through Bloomberg chat rooms, calls, our website and email.

We are committed to delivering world class research and analytics for institutional investors and differentiate ourselves through:

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Our World Class Research Team

Bilal Hafeez

Bilal Hafeez

  • CEO & Head of Research
  • Former Head of Global Strategy, Nomura
  • Former Head of Cross-Market & FX Research, Deutsche Bank
  • Former Honorary Visiting Professor of Finance at Cass Business School
Bilal Hafeez

Dominique Dwor-Frecaut

  • Lead US and Global Economist
  • Former Senior Associate, Federal Reserve
  • Former Portfolio Strategist, Bridgewater Associates
Bilal Hafeez

Mustafa Chowdhury

  • Head of US Rates Strategy
  • Former head of of ING Asset Management G-10 Rates, FX and Macro
  • Former Head of US Rates research at Deutsche Bank
Bilal Hafeez


  • EM Strategy / Senior Macro Researcher
  • Wealth of experience from Senior roles at premier sell-side entities such as Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, and Deutsche Bank
Bilal Hafeez


  • Quantitative Researcher
  • Prior to joining Macro Hive, he worked in the FinTech space applying quantitative analytics, machine learning and high-performance computing methods to investment analytics.
  • His areas of research are in the applications of machine learning, deep learning, and alternative data for predictive modelling of financial markets.
Bilal Hafeez


  • Researcher
  • Leading Scandis, CAD, AUD/NZD market analysis
Bilal Hafeez

Andrew Simon

  • President and COO
  • Former Head of European FX Options Trading at Deustche Bank
  • Co-launched Eschaton Opportunities, a Macro/EM Hedge Fund
Bilal Hafeez

Bert Gochet

  • Head of Global EM Strategy
  • Former Head of Global EM Fixed-income Strategy at JP Morgan
  • Currently Head of Emerging Markets Strategy at Macro Hive
Bilal Hafeez

Caroline Grady

  • Head of Global EM Economics
  • Former Lead Writer, Financial Times
  • Former Senior EM Economist, Deutsche Bank
Bilal Hafeez

John Tierney

  • Lead researcher on Equities and credit
  • Former Research Director, Deutsche Bank
  • Former Senior VP, Lehman Brothers
Bilal Hafeez

Henry Occleston

  • Lead European and UK Strategist
  • Focused specifically on Europe and UK
Bilal Hafeez

Viresh Kanabar

  • Research Analyst
  • Commodities coverage

Professional Membership Includes


Positioning & Sentiment



Weekly Investment View

G10 FX Weekly

Rates PCA Model


FX Carry Report

Commodities Weekly

Macro Hive Portfolio

Market Webinar


US Macro Analysis

Momentum Report

Global Rates Weekly


China Growth Tracker


Professional Weekly Recap

Key Events Report

Daily and Ad-hoc Market-Driven Analysis


Central Bank Monitor

Bilal's Points of the Day

Views & Analysis

Bilal's Macroscope


EM Focus

Dom's Quick Take

Forecasting Models

China Watch

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