Book Recommendations for Investors

Browse the must-read books our podcast guests and The Hive community are recommending for investors like you.

Top Investing Books For Beginners

For beginner investors, it can be difficult to find worthwhile information about the basics of financial markets. With virtually endless information out there, knowing what to read (and what to avoid!) is critical.To help, we’ve gathered the collective power of the Hive. Every podcast guest on Conversations With Bilal, from Lord Mervyn King to David Rubenstein and Raghu Rajan, has contributed a personal favourite. We compile these books here to help you become a better investor.

We understand there are a lot of different types of investments. We also know that every investor is unique and may have a different area of interest. As such, we made sure our list covers book recommendations for beginner investors through to advanced investors.

Remember these titles are recommended by the experts that appear on our podcasts. These experts are leaders in the world of business and finance, and many of these books were instrumental in helping them get better at the art of investing. Below are a few of our favourites.

Stock Market Books For Beginners

Passive Income Books

Economics Books

Books on Options Trading

Books on Starting a Business

TitlePagesAuthorArea of Book
Think and Grow Rich233Napoleon HillPassive Income
The Handbook of Fixed Income Securities1495Frank J. FabozziPassive Income
The Wealth of Nations1076Adam SmithEconomics
Capitalism and Freedom208Milton FriedmanEconomics
The Intelligent Investor623Benjamin GrahamStock Trading
Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits320Phillip A. FisherStock Trading
Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives816John C. HullOptions Trading
The Black Swan366Naseem Nicholas TalebOptions Trading
Competitive Strategy432Michael E. Porter
The New One Minute Manager112Kenneth Blanchard, Spencer JohnsonStarting a Business


→ How To Learn Stock Trading From Books?

Books offer great advice on how to trade stocks. They usually impart wisdom on how to implement a certain trading strategy or philosophy. However, you should remember that you can only learn so much from reading. Eventually, you must try investing yourself.

→ What Is A Good Book To Read For Financial Hacks?

There are many books that talk about financial hacks. Taking a look at our list of must-read books would be a good idea.

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