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Thorsten Wegener

Thorsten Roland Wegener spent twenty years trading equity derivatives and was a partner at Bear Stearns. Currently, he teaches as well as cooking, driving, and cleaning lots.

His biggest professional achievement? Introducing Capital Guaranteed Products and High Yield Reverse Convertibles to the German Market, beating several public funds in the category fresh funds raised.

Hobbies? History, Science Fiction, Politics (isn’t this all the same?)

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  1. Zero Days to Castration Options – Bad Things Will Happen, Eventually

    Thorsten Wegener

    Now that I have your attention, let us use the proper term again for this increasingly popular trading instrument: Zero Days to Expiration Options, or short Zero DTE Options.

  2. The Rise of the Algo-Shepherds

    Thorsten Wegener

    Why does the option guy feel the need to write about algorithmic trading you might ask? Because I think my ilk is kind of responsible, some say in a big way, for the Frankenstein monster that seems to run markets to a large degree nowadays.

  3. Grey Swan #4: A Very Peculiar German Coup

    Thorsten Wegener

    The White House chief of staff entered the Oval Office through the door connecting his office to the president’s. He almost felt bad ruining the president’s planned trip to Nantucket...

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