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Henry Occleston is a Strategist, who focuses on European markets. Formerly, he worked in European credit and rates strategy at Mizuho Bank, and market strategy at Lloyds Bank. He holds a BA in Economics from Durham University, and an MSc in Economics & Social History from the University of Oxford.

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  1. BoE Monitor: Hawkish Comments Into Key Data

    Henry Occleston

    Summary Recent BoE comments have leaned more hawkish. Pill’s speech was most important, though confused in tone. June labour market and inflation data will be key to understanding the underlying trend, despite policymakers insisting single prints will not change the outlook. We think wage and inflation data details suggest the BoE should cut imminently. A […]

  2. ECB Monitor: Looking Through Bumpy Disinflation

    Henry Occleston

    Summary We expect the ECB to cut twice more this year. However, within recent ECB comments on 2024 cuts, one more cut has emerged as most popular. Most important voices have yet to opine, though. The June ECB meeting minutes suggest general agreement that disinflation is underway and a broad capacity to look through bumps. […]

  3. BoE Review: A Pause With Dovish Caveats to Recent Data

    Henry Occleston

    Summary As we expected, the BoE found comfort in the May inflation outturn’s normalisation in wage-intensive services inflation momentum. Recent strength in services inflation was caveated as partly driven by areas that BoE policy will not affect (index-linked or regulated). Downside risks in inflation were mentioned (albeit with mention also of the risk that higher […]

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