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Reuven is a macro strategist. He currently works for a private bank in Geneva on the strategy & advisory side. He has previously worked 4 years at Harness Investment, a $1bn global macro hedge-fund. His areas of interest are G10 & EM currencies. He holds a master of finance from Bocconi University.


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BRL is Cheap, But Not Yet a Buy

February 26, 2021

Summary Petrobras CEO's dismissal could signal the start of a populist spiral ahead of Brazil’s 2022 presidential election. The BCB will hike…

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Russia’s (Looser) Fiscal Rule RUB Positive

December 17, 2020

Summary Russia introduced a new fiscal rule in 2017 to preserve wealth across generations It implies FX interventions by the central bank…

In: Hive Exclusives | Europe Fiscal Policy & Inequality FX Monetary Policy & Inflation

SEK: G10’s Best Performing Currency Has Cyclical And Structural Support

December 03, 2020

Summary SEK outperformance unrelated to Sweden’s no-lockdown policy. Riksbank’s 2020 hawkishness contrasts 2014-2019 dovishness. The positive basic balance, the rise in NIIP,…

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Why the Mexican Peso Could Perform

November 20, 2020

Summary Mexico’s trade balance has dramatically improved since 2017. The country has favoured fiscal and monetary stability over economic growth. Market Implications…

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AUD Strength To Continue Despite RBA Easing

November 05, 2020

Summary AUD is the currency most correlated to the S&P 500 since the pandemic began and has ignored the deterioration in Australia-China…

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Shekel: A High-Tech EM Safe Haven

October 15, 2020

Summary High-tech boom a key factor of Israel’s BoP improvement. Israeli investors partially hedge the C/A recycling, supporting the shekel. FX intervention…

In: Hive Exclusives | Europe FX Monetary Policy & Inflation

CHF: No Breather For The SNB

September 21, 2020

This Thursday’s Swiss National Bank (SNB) quarterly monetary policy meeting comes against a backdrop of Swiss franc (CHF) outperformance, with the currency…

Norway Bank

In: Hive Exclusives | Europe Fiscal Policy & Inequality FX Monetary Policy & Inflation

Norway: Is Norges Bank The Only Game In Town?

August 27, 2020

USD/NOK has finally broken below 9.00 in recent weeks after enormous turbulence in March. Although the usual drivers could explain this move…

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