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George Goncalves

George Goncalves is a bond market veteran with over 20yrs on the sell-side and buy-side. During that time frame he was an active guest on Bloomberg TV and CNBC as well as quoted many times over in the financial press. Currently he is an independent researcher operating under the twitter handle of @bondstrategist and is a senior contributor to the He focuses on rates, credit, the Fed/global central bank policy, US dollar funding dynamics and all things macro-related.

For nearly a decade George was at Nomura Securities, first as the chief US rates strategist and later as the head of Fixed Income Strategy for the Americas. Over his tenure at Nomura he ended up running teams of analysts covering US rates, US credit (IG and High Yield) and emerging market rates. Prior to that George was the Head of FI Strategy at Cantor Fitzgerald and a senior research analyst at both Morgan Stanley and Bank of America. George started out in the Fixed Income markets on the buyside at the formerly known Merrill Lynch Asset Management division, trading and managing Treasuries, commercial obligations and MBS securities as an assistant PM analyst.

George has written a chapter on TIPS and inflation products for the IFR Market Intelligence book series and was voted one of the top 20 rising stars in Fixed Income by Institutional Investor in 2007. Over the years George has interacted with many debt issuers (from the Treasury to global corporates to GSEs etc) and established a wide network of institutional investors from FX reserves managers, Bank Treasury portfolio managers, real money (insurance, pensions, mutual funds) and macro hedge funds.

He received his joint degree in Finance/Economics and Political Science from Rutgers University’s School of Management and from the Honors College at Rutgers.

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