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Jon Turek is the founder and CEO of JST Advisors, a hedge fund advisory service that publishes a weekly research note with global macro trade ideas. JST Advisors works closely with hedge funds on developing asymmetric macro trade ideas and market themes. Before founding JST Advisors, Jon worked at Moore capital in NY for two years.

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  1. FOMC Preview: Peak Pace Not Peak Terminal

    Jon Turek

    The Fed will hike 75bps at the November meeting, but the focus is whether Chair Jerome Powell can convince markets that lowering the pace does not equal dovish.

  2. FOMC Preview: From a Rush to a Grind

    Jon Turek

    The economy is much stronger than the Fed thought at the July FOMC, and the September FOMC will reflect that in both tone and action.

  3. FOMC Preview: The Last ‘Easy’ Meeting

    Jon Turek

    July is the last ‘easy’ meeting for the Fed. Spot inflation is too high, they are nervous about inflation expectations, and policy is not restrictive yet.

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