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Jon Turek is the founder and CEO of JST Advisors, a hedge fund advisory service that publishes a weekly research note with global macro trade ideas. JST Advisors works closely with hedge funds on developing asymmetric macro trade ideas and market themes. Before founding JST Advisors, Jon worked at Moore capital in NY for two years.

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  1. FOMC Preview: It Is Volcker Until Neutral

    Jon Turek

    There are few things the market is unaware of entering the May FOMC meeting. It knows the Fed will raise rates by 50bps.

  2. 2022 Grey Swan #15: The Jets Win the Super Bowl

    Jon Turek

    The New York Jets win the Super Bowl in the 2022-2023 season… Even saying it with a straight face is hard...

  3. 2022 Grey Swan #6: The Brazilian Real Collapses – USD/BRL to 10

    Jon Turek

    Brazil’s central bank has hiked 725bps this year, yet the Brazilian real has weakened almost 10% year to date...

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