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John Tierney

Over a 30-year career as a sell side analyst, John covered the structured finance and credit markets before serving as a corporate market strategist. In recent years, he has moved into a global strategist role.

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  1. Equity Insights – Regional Banks Are Morphing Into Zombies

    John Tierney

    Regional banks show few signs of recovering more than 10 weeks after the Silicon Valley Bank collapse. To be blunt, the crisis is morphing into a slow-moving trainwreck.

  2. Earnings Outlook: Equities Head to the Races

    John Tierney

    Equities powered through the fog of the debt ceiling imbroglio, finally rallying above the trading range of the past several months.

  3. Retailer Smoke Signals: Food Is Where the Action Is, But Do Not Forget Housing

    John Tierney

    Home Depot (HD) and Target (TGT) reported weaker sales and confirmed consumers are not buying larger-ticket discretionary items. The primary reason is satiated demand and altered consumer preferences.

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