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John Tierney

Over a 30-year career as a sell side analyst, John covered the structured finance and credit markets before serving as a corporate market strategist. In recent years, he has moved into a global strategist role.

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  1. Equities and the MacroSphere: What Next After Tech Selloff?

    John Tierney

    Summary Last week’s selloff in the semiconductor sector most likely opens opportunities to establish positions in the AI hardware sector. Commodity chip producers will continue struggling. The Federal Reserve (Fed) may not be cutting rates for now – but we see zero likelihood it will raise rates. And if the economy slows, we expect rate […]

  2. Equities and the MacroSphere: Pause Time for Upward and Onward

    John Tierney

    Summary Equities are heading into Q2 with a nice tailwind. The Federal Reserve (Fed) is inclined to cut rates, and the economy and labour market are on solid footing. Analysts project earnings gains of 8.2% for the S&P 500 (SPX) and 14.8% for the NASDAQ 100 (NDX). Still, there are reasons to expect the equity […]

  3. Equities and the MacroSphere: Fed Shows Its Cards

    John Tierney

    Summary The good news is the Federal Reserve (Fed) has all but promised to deliver three rate cuts in 2024 even if inflation remains slow to drop. The bad news is this was already priced into the market. With the 2Y Treasury yield still trading above 4.5%, there is little visibility now on whether or […]

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