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John Tierney
John Tierney

Over a 30-year career as a sell side analyst, John covered the structured finance and credit markets before serving as a corporate market strategist. In recent years, he has moved into a global strategist role.

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  1. Equity Rundown: Positioning for a Soft H1 2023

    John Tierney

    Our long/short ETF model portfolio is up a modest 2% since inception, and 11% excluding the difficult clean energy sector. Clean energy ETFs hold some Chinese companies, which could recover if the reopening takes hold.

  2. Earnings Outlook: Advertising Spend Will Reveal Corporate Confidence

    John Tierney

    Equities continue to trade sideways as company outlooks point to a demand increase in the coming months. About 125 companies report this week, including Microsoft and Tesla, several airlines, and several major industrial corporations.

  3. Earnings Outlook: Are Recession Concerns Alive or Abating?

    John Tierney

    The CPI data and first batch of earnings came in as expected, and the market rallied modestly – but it was not a game-changing week.

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