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Macro Hive is a leading independent provider of global macro and financial market research, and a digital financial media firm. Our worldwide user base spans across 160 countries and are from over 1,000 different institutions, from financial firms and international corporations to government bodies and universities.

Our aim is to provide both retail and institutional investors with a trusted platform to discover the best investment ideas in an accessible form.


Should Banks Hike Rates?

Bilal Hafeez on Bloomberg TV

Impacts of Energy Prices

Bilal Hafeez on CNBC

Key Trading Opportunities

Bilal Hafeez on Bloomberg TV

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Bilal Hafeez
Bilal Hafeez

Bilal Hafeez: CEO & Head of Research

Before starting Macro Hive, Bilal was Global Head of International Fixed Income Strategy at Nomura, and Head of Multi-Asset Research and Advisor to the CEO at Deutsche Bank. Bilal started his twenty-year career at JP Morgan. Academically, Bilal was an Honorary Visiting Professor of Finance at Cass Business School and studied Economics at St Johns College, Cambridge.

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Andrew Simon
Andrew Simon

Andrew Simon: Chief Operating Officer

Andrew spent over 25 years in finance on both the buy and sell side. He co-founded Eschaton Opportunities, a $100 million hedge fund focused on global thematic value investing. Earlier in his career, Andrew led JP Morgan's institutional sales business across foreign exchange and emerging markets in Europe, ran Lehman's global derivative sales business, and managed Deutsche Bank's European currency option trading and derivative research business.

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What our customers are saying

Macro Hive helps me focus on ideas that truly matter and it’s fabulous! It’s developed into a community of people that are curating ideas for each other.

Jim Leitner
President of Falcon Management

When tackling macro themes, I am faced with many challenges, such as the involvement of numerous variables and tons of related information, and Macro Hive helps me deal with this complexity. Human intelligence proves to still be ahead of AI and technology!

Lorenzo Lorenzi
Foundation Endowment Manager

Macro Hive is more than just an independent research provider. It's a network and community connecting some of the best investors and thinkers together. A real industry disruptor!

Etienne de Marsac
Head of Absolute Return at Sunny Asset Management

Hive History

The Birth of The Hive

June 2019

Bilal Hafeez, CEO of Macro Hive and Head of Research, begins forming The Hive. He plans to disrupt the macro research industry and enable users to consume high-quality analysis on a flexible and uniquely engaging platform.

Andrew Simon joins as COO

June 2019

Andrew has spent over 25 years on both the buy-side and sell-side, having co-founded Eschaton Opportunities Fund, a $100 million+ hedge fund, and previously led JP Morgan's sales business across FX and EM. Andrew appreciated the need for change in the research space through his vast experience and joins The Hive.

Business Insider Picks Up Our Story

July 2019

An analyst who ditched his investment-bank job is already winning big research clients on his own. The financial world is getting flipped on its head.

Our First Corporate Client

October 2019

Macro Hive manages to successfully attract their first client to produce bespoke and tailored research in the Corporate space.

Macro Hive on Bloomberg

Dec 2019

Bilal appears on Bloomberg. Though a frequent guest, this is his first time as the CEO and Founder of Macro Hive!


May 2020

Macro Hive partners with their first trading exchange, Singapore Exchange Limited, to highlight key trading insights and cover Asian FX futures, commodities and indices.


July 2020

Macro Hive expands further into the trading exchange arena via the Toronto Stock Exchange, with a focus on IR futures, CTA strategies and models.

Macro Hive University

January 2021

We kicked off 2021 with a new focus on education. Whether you’re a career professional or an undergraduate student, we can all learn more about the financial markets. At Macro Hive, we want to distribute knowledge to everyone who shares our passion for continuous learning.


March 2021

Macro Hive partners with the CME to deliver analysis and insights on the FX options and futures markets.

50th Podcast

March 2021

Macro Hive reaches a milestone with its Macro Hive Conversations podcast: over 50 engaging episodes and over 100,000 downloads. Just one listen will show you why Macro Hive Conversations is fast becoming the go-to podcast in the capital markets space.

Crypto Payments

March 2021

Macro Hive becomes the first independent financial research company in the world to accept subscription payments in Bitcoin.



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