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Josh Young

Josh Young is the Chief Investment Officer and Founder of Bison Interests – an investment firm that focuses on the publicly traded oil and gas sector. He has over 15 years of experience in investment management, 10 of which were focused on publicly traded oil and gas securities. Josh became Chairman of the Board of RMP Energy in 2017. After refreshing the board and management team and rebranding the company (Iron Bridge Resources), it was bought out at a 78% premium in 2018.

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  1. Small-Cap Oil Stocks Are Compelling

    Josh Young

    Small-cap oil and gas equities are trading at a discount compared to large-cap peers. Share price underperformance and rapid fundamental improvement have rendered valuations more compelling.

  2. OPEC+ Supply Struggles Could Benefit Oil Prices

    Josh Young

    OPEC+ has announced it will slash oil production quotas by 2MM bbl/d, effective November.

  3. The Golden Age of Oil and Gas Producers

    Josh Young

    Rising global demand for oil and a gradual green transition mean we may be in the early stages of the next oil and gas supercycle.

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