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Matthew Tibble

Matthew Tibble is Commissioning Editor at Macro Hive. He has worked as an editorial consultant and freelance editor for companies such as RiskThinking.AI, JDI Research, and FutureScape248. He holds a PhD in English Literature and formerly held a competitive research fellowship at the University of London.

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  1. Traders’ Tips: Anticipate Your Regret

    Matthew Tibble

    Research shows our emotions are as influential as our rational analysis when deciding on an investment.

  2. Will People Trade More Bitcoin This Easter?

    Dalvir Mandara, Matthew Tibble

    Most markets observe strict trading hours. Exchanges like the NYSE and NASDAQ in the US only trade from 9am to 4pm ET, for example, and they close over public holidays.

  3. Will Gold Save You From Inflation?

    Matthew Tibble

    With inflation reaching eye-watering levels in Europe and the US, some look to gold as an inflation hedge...

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