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Matthew Tibble is Commissioning Editor at Macro Hive. He has worked as an editorial consultant and freelance editor for companies such as RiskThinking.AI, JDI Research, and FutureScape248. He holds a PhD in English Literature and formerly held a competitive research fellowship at the University of London.

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  1. Charts of the Week: Rising R-Star, ‘Last-Mile’ Disinflation, and a 2024 Oil Supply Deficit

    Matthew Tibble

    Summary The Fed has r-star around 0.5% in real terms, but markets are pricing it around 2%. We think this could be a return to the pre-GFC ‘normal’. US disinflation could be entering its ‘last mile’ phase, implying slower price increases ahead. Asian trade data corroborates the recent pick-up in global manufacturing, but a lack […]

  2. Charts of the Week: Oil Cuts at Risk, Extreme-Low VIX, and an EZ Inflation Bounce-Back

    Matthew Tibble

    Summary Saudi Arabia’s oil production market share is at multi-decade lows, putting their ‘lollipop’ cuts at risk of an unwind. The VIX is at a post-Covid low and supporting credit. EZ inflation is returning to the ECB’s forecasted path following the November miss. US yields are strongly correlated with the dollar, and we think yields […]

  3. Charts of the Week: Bearish JPY, Short CNH, and Fading the UK Inflation Beat

    Matthew Tibble

    Summary Two factors support our bullish USD/JPY call: weak Q1 seasonals for JPY, and Japan’s cyclical downturn. China faces a supply-demand imbalance preventing inflation from returning to positive territory. UK inflation remains below BoE forecasts despite the recent beat. Equities are trading at historically high P/E valuations, which could depress returns in 2024. Market Implications […]

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