By Bilal Hafeez 08-02-2021
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Podcast Transcript: Barry Eichengreen on Dollar Dominance, Crypto Hype, and Reforming International Finance

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This is an edited transcript of our podcast episode with Professor Barry Eichengreen, one of the leading thinkers on international economics and exchanges rates. We discussed the nature of past pandemics, the possibility of the Yuan becoming the dominant currency, why crypto will not topple the dollar, and much more. While we have tried to make the transcript as accurate as possible, if you do notice any errors, let me know by email.

Bilal Hafeez (02:57):

Welcome, Barry, to my podcast. It's such a great honour to have you on because I followed your work during my entire career, for most of my investment banking research career at least. I spent a lot of time looking at foreign exchange. I would always look forward to any work that you produce on FX. I view you as one of the authorities on currencies and foreign exchange and exchange arrangements and so on.

Barry Eichengreen (03:18):

It's good to be here.


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