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  1. When to Buy Bitcoin? The Best Time to Invest in BTC

    Bilal Hafeez and Dalvir Mandara

    We look at the latest bitcoin trends, including macro risks and on-chain/flow metrics, to reveal the best time to buy bitcoin and the risks of buying BTC.

  2. Crypto Index Tracker: DeFi Leads Crypto Recovery

    Dalvir Mandara

    Crypto markets have had some relief this week after last week’s series of central bank rate hikes. Bitcoin opened the week around $18,800 before rallying to weekly highs of around $20,300 on Tuesday.

  3. Crypto Index Tracker: Central Banks Step Up Rate Hikes – Ethereum Underperforms

    Dalvir Mandara

    Crypto markets have been hammered by the litany of central bank rate hikes delivered throughout the week. Bitcoin started the week around $19,500 before hitting lows...

  1. Stablecoin Watch: The Great Stagnation

    Dalvir Mandara

    Over four months have passed since the Terra fiasco saw one of the biggest (algorithmic) stablecoins, TerraUSD (UST), break its peg and collapse in a matter of days.

  2. Crypto Index Tracker: The Merge – Ethereum Underperforms

    Dalvir Mandara

    The big news this week has been the completion of the ethereum merge (the transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake). Ethereum initially bounced around 2% after the merge...

  3. The Ethereum Merge Completes: Traders to Unwind Bearish Bets?

    Dalvir Mandara

    The merge is finally done. Completed at 6:43 UTC, ethereum’s transition from the proof-of-work to proof-of-stake consensus protocol has been called one of the most historic moments...

Bitcoin HODLers Defy the Headwinds

Bilal Hafeez and Dalvir Mandara

Bitcoin has been rallying recently along with the broader crypto space. It is currently trading at around $22,000 – up 12% over the past week (though still down 67% from its November 2021 all-time high).

Crypto Index Tracker: Smart Contract Index Rallies

Dalvir Mandara

Crypto markets have had a volatile week. Bitcoin began Monday at around $20,000 before plummeting to lows of around $18,500 on Wednesday. Since then, it has been rallying...

  1. Ethereum: The Merge Is Coming

    Bilal Hafeez and Dalvir Mandara

    The ethereum merge is quickly approaching. The latest expectation is for it to commence around 15 September.

  2. Crypto Index Tracker: Crypto and US Equity Correlation Rises

    Dalvir Mandara

    Chair Jerome Powell was openly hawkish at the Jackson Hole Symposium last week. He stated that ‘Reducing inflation is likely to require a sustained period of below trend growth..

  3. Is Traditional Finance Doomed? Part I

    Sarah Blaseby

    Crypto and DeFi offer an alternative, de-regulated system for banking and finance. But despite the crypto boom, many believe fiat currencies will remain dominant and are more reliable for investors.

When to Buy Ethereum? The Best Time to Invest in ETH

Bilal Hafeez and Dalvir Mandara

We look at the latest ethereum trends, including macro risks and on-chain/flow metrics, to reveal the best time to buy ethereum and the risks of buying ETH.

On-Chain Signals Weaken as Risk Rout Hits Bitcoin

Bilal Hafeez and Dalvir Mandara

Bitcoin gapped below $20,000 again this week, 20% off its mid-August high, and just 12% off its mid-June lows. This correlates largely with the recent decline in other risk assets.

  1. Crypto Index Tracker: Macro Muddies the Water

    Dalvir Mandara

    Crypto markets had long cared about macro markets, showing correlations with US yields, equities, and even commodities. However, since the recent crypto meltdown...

  2. Does Jackson Hole Matter for Ethereum?

    Bilal Hafeez and Dalvir Mandara

    Ethereum had rallied alongside more traditional risk assets since the middle of June. However, the rally ended. Hawkish rhetoric returned to markets...

  3. Crypto Index Tracker: Crypto Losing Battle with the Federal Reserve

    Bilal Hafeez and Dalvir Mandara

    We are over halfway through August and markets are battling with the Federal Reserve (Fed). Markets are taking every attempt to moderate the number of hikes priced in...

Prime Trade Ideas: Time to Adjust Your Equity Holdings

Ben Ford

John introduced biases to major indices: he is overweight S&P 500, and underweight NASDAQ 100, Russell 2000, and European indices. Meanwhile, on US sectors, he made eight changes...

Do US Equities Matter for Bitcoin?

Bilal Hafeez and Dalvir Mandara

Bitcoin is trading just below $25,000, a 28.5% rise from the 30 June low. But what is helping the cryptocurrency recover?

Investing in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and the crypto revolution are no longer nascent. With the length of the blockchain continuing to grow and decentralised finance (DeFi) gaining ground over traditional finance, this new asset class is reshaping the investment landscape.

To invest in cryptocurrency, we must first understand it. Crypto tokens are unlike any traditional asset class. And they are all different. Just because you understand bitcoin, does not mean you know how ethereum works.

Each currency has different underlying protocols and technology. That impacts how they trade, their volatility, and how you can value them. Some are more like stocks, others commodities, and others currencies. And each crypto token has a unique structure of supply.

We think crypto markets are a worthwhile long-term investment. The technology can capture market share on some existing markets like payments and stock trading while creating new markets like valuable scarce digital assets.

Your exposure to bitcoin needs to be appropriately sized so that you can survive 50% to 80% drawdowns. Drawdowns provide good entry levels for exposure, but we would not go max long in an environment of rising central bank rates and falling global growth momentum.

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