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  1. Webinar Recording: The Terra-fying Crypto Quake: What’s Next?

    Macro Hive

    Crypto markets continue to crater, with Bitcoin diving to a 16-month low. Alarmingly, the stablecoin Terra (UST) has de-pegged...

  2. Crypto Index Tracker: Crypto Bloodbath

    Bilal Hafeez and Dalvir Mandara

    Crypto markets have been plummeting on account of rising interest rates and stablecoin collapse. The Terra stablecoin (UST) recently de-pegged and continues to trade below par.

  3. Ep. 112: Mike Philbrick on Bond Massacres, Better Diversification and Systematic Thinking

    Bilal Hafeez

    Mike is the Chief Executive Officer of ReSolve Global Asset Management. He has over 29 years of experience in investment management and is responsible for investment decisions, coaching, and strategic leadership.

  1. Markets Have Entered the Multiverse of Madness

    Bilal Hafeez

    Movie fans will know that the new phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe recently kicked off with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

  2. The Crypto Quake Has Started

    Bilal Hafeez and Dalvir Mandara

    Higher US rates have caught up to bitcoin, which has now plunged 20% since the Fed meeting last Wednesday.

  3. Rate Hikes = Buy Ethereum

    Bilal Hafeez and Dalvir Mandara

    Crypto has traded like a risky asset all year. Hawkish Fed actions have been one reason for the decline in prices in 2022 as broader risk sentiment...

Crypto Index Tracker: Crypto Markets Plunge

Bilal Hafeez and Dalvir Mandara

Crypto markets have been volatile in the run-up to Wednesday’s Fed meeting where a 50bps hike is expected. The bitcoin correlation to tech remains near all-time highs...

Bitcoin and Earnings Season

Bilal Hafeez and Dalvir Mandara

Bitcoin has been highly correlated to the NASDAQ throughout the year (Chart 2). Indeed, correlation between the two is currently over 80%.

  1. Crypto Index Tracker: Metaverse Fares Worst in Crypto Sell Off

    Bilal Hafeez and Dalvir Mandara

    Crypto markets have been relatively more stable of late, with bitcoin down only 1% over the past week.  Certainly, Monday’s announcement of Elon Musk’s $44bn buyout of Twitter helped crypto.

  2. How Volatile Is Ethereum?

    Bilal Hafeez and Dalvir Mandara

    Crypto markets are known for being volatile. Wild swings in price are common, but how does current volatility compare with that of the past?

  3. Crypto Index Tracker: DeFi and Privacy Coins Up the Most

    Bilal Hafeez and Dalvir Mandara

    Crypto markets have rallied since US Tax Day ended on Monday. Indeed, in our latest bitcoin flow metrics update we investigated how bitcoin tends to underperform prior to US Tax Day.

Will People Trade More Bitcoin This Easter?

Dalvir Mandara and Matthew Tibble

Most markets observe strict trading hours. Exchanges like the NYSE and NASDAQ in the US only trade from 9am to 4pm ET, for example, and they close over public holidays.

Bitcoin Underperforms Around Tax Day

Bilal Hafeez and Dalvir Mandara

This year, Tax Day – the day individual income tax returns are due to be submitted to the federal government in the US – falls on 18 April.

  1. What Proof-of-Stake Is and Why It Matters for Blockchain

    Dalvir Mandara

    What is proof of stake? This explainer explores what PoS is, how it works, its weaknesses as well as which cryptocurrencies use it.

  2. Crypto Index Tracker: Crypto Markets Slump

    Bilal Hafeez and Dalvir Mandara

    Crypto markets have declined amid high correlation to equities, concerns around tighter monetary policy, and the upcoming 18 April tax deadline in the US.

  3. Will the Merge Be Bullish for Ethereum?

    Bilal Hafeez and Dalvir Mandara

    With Q2 underway, we are approaching an important and highly anticipated update to the ethereum ecosystem – the official switch to proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus.

Bilal Hafeez on CNBC: Elon Musk Becomes Twitter’s Largest Outside Shareholder

Bilal Hafeez

Enjoyed featuring on CNBC TV today to discuss Elon Musk's stake in Twitter, the reasoning for the stake, and the direction which Twitter may now head in...

Crypto Index Tracker: DeFi Outperforms on EU and US Regulatory Efforts

Bilal Hafeez and Dalvir Mandara

Crypto markets have been volatile this week as investors digest regulatory endeavours from the US and the EU. Notably, the European Parliament voted against anonymous crypto...

Investing in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and the crypto revolution are no longer nascent. With the length of the blockchain continuing to grow and decentralised finance (DeFi) gaining ground over traditional finance, this new asset class is reshaping the investment landscape.

To invest in cryptocurrency, we must first understand it. Crypto tokens are unlike any traditional asset class. And they are all different. Just because you understand bitcoin, does not mean you know how ethereum works.

Each currency has different underlying protocols and technology. That impacts how they trade, their volatility, and how you can value them. Some are more like stocks, others commodities, and others currencies. And each crypto token has a unique structure of supply.

We think crypto markets are a worthwhile long-term investment. The technology can capture market share on some existing markets like payments and stock trading while creating new markets like valuable scarce digital assets.

Your exposure to bitcoin needs to be appropriately sized so that you can survive 50% to 80% drawdowns. Drawdowns provide good entry levels for exposure, but we would not go max long in an environment of rising central bank rates and falling global growth momentum.

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