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  1. The Hive World Cup Survey

    Richard Jones and Sam van de Schootbrugge

    To give a taste of how each team (and their country) will fare, we’ve asked our network for their views. We’ve asked people the following questions...

  2. Is China Worried About Taiwan’s COVID Strategy?

    Bilal Hafeez

    Many were looking for China’s 20th National Congress to mark the end of China’s zero-COVID policy (ZCP).

  3. A New Real-Time Tool for Tracking China Growth

    Sam van de Schootbrugge

    A new Journal of Economic Modelling paper develops a real-time monitoring system of macroeconomic prosperity, which it applies to China.

  1. Will China’s Real Estate Market Crash?

    Sam van de Schootbrugge

    A new NBER working paper, co-authored by prominent economist Ken Rogoff, highlights long-term imbalances in China’s real estate market.

  2. Prime Trade Ideas: Trading Weakness in Asia FX

    Ben Ford

    John left his US equity ETF biases However, in the process, he has strongly reiterated being underweight equities, homebuilders, and consumer staples, and overweight energy...

  3. Ep. 127: James Fok on the US-China Financial Cold War, Dollar Dominance and Role of HK 

    Bilal Hafeez

    James Fok is a veteran financial and strategic advisor to corporations and governments. He served as a senior executive at Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX)...

Ep. 121: Mikihiro Matsuoka on Bank of Japan policy, Japanisation of Economies, and the Demise of Capitalism  

Bilal Hafeez

Matsuoka-San is the Chief Economist of SBI Securities in Japan. Before that, he was the Chief Economist for Japan at Deutsche Bank.

2022 Grey Swan #10: BOJ becomes the People’s ATM

Dominique Dwor-Frecaut

Japan has been contending with deflation and implementing quantitative easing (QE) since the 1990s, well before other advanced economies...

  1. Markets to Watch This Week: US Rates and Chinese Yuan

    Bilal Hafeez

    In this report, we standardise price changes across different markets to allow for cross-market comparisons...

  2. Markets To Watch This Week: Copper, China, and Japanese Yen

    Bilal Hafeez

    We’ve had great feedback on this new report. This shows that there is much demand for standardising performance across diverse markets...

  3. East Asian Economies Benefit Most From the US Recovery

    Dominique Dwor-Frecaut

    Since the pandemic, the US trade deficit has nearly doubled. This is largely due to the goods deficit widening, with the services surplus...

Water Shortages, Not COVID, Could Derail Taiwan’s Economy

Caroline Grady

Taiwan’s currency and stock market have come under pressure from an unprecedented spike in new COVID cases. The island is now under a...

India’s Local Lockdowns Trigger a Sharp Slowdown in Mobility

Caroline Grady

Six consecutive days of above 300,000 new COVID cases are taking their toll. On Sunday, Delhi extended its six-day lockdown...

  1. Global Growth Rotation – A Positive for Asia

    Caroline Grady

    A global growth rotation from China to the US this year leaves downside risks for the rest of Asia given trade flow patterns...

  2. What Is Driving Chinese Growth?

    Sam van de Schootbrugge

    For decades, many have questioned the accuracy and authenticity of Chinese official GDP figures. And a period of abnormally smooth...

  3. Why Spiking Shipping Costs Could Threaten The Global Recovery

    Caroline Grady

    A shortage of shipping containers is not the most obvious constraint on the post-COVID recovery. But it is potentially one of the biggest...

Why China Must Cut Interest Rates

Rafael Halpin

The idea that China must cut rates seems like a non-starter. It was the only major economy to clock positive GDP growth last year...

US-China Trade Relations: Which Equity Markets Are Most Affected?

Sam van de Schootbrugge

Former US President Donald Trump significantly escalated, if not began, the US-China trade war with two executive orders on 31 March 2017...

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