By Bilal Hafeez 29-09-2020
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EM Inflation Is Back / US Election Scenarios And The Market Reaction + Best Of The Web

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(1) Inflation Is Back, At Least In EM (4 min read) Two EM central banks hiked rates last week and most have now hit pause on further easing. Caroline Grady looks at what’s behind rising inflation in EM and what it means for markets.

(Caroline Grady │ 29th September, 2020)



(2) What To Expect From Markets Under Different Election Outcomes? (7 min read) In this week’s US election piece, Sam van de Schootbrugge looks at what to expect from markets under different 2020 US election outcomes, using only historical performance around previous results. An interesting read ahead of tonight’s debate.

(Sam van de Schootbrugge │ 29th September, 2020)


(3) Macro Hive Smart Investor Survey: Results (4 min read) We are back with our third smart investor survey. From stocks, to the dollar and the US election outcome, our network of sophisticated investors and analysts give their latest views.

(Bilal Hafeez, Mehdi Farooq│ 29th September, 2020)


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