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Mehdi is a research analyst at Macro Hive. He’s currently pursuing an MSc in Finance & Investment at Nottingham University Business School and he is a CFA level 3 candidate. Mehdi has previously pursued roles as an Equity Research Analyst, Junior Economist & in Proprietary Trading.


In: Hive Exclusives | Data, Models & Market Infrastructure

Macro Hive Smart Investor Survey: Results

September 28, 2020

We are back with our smart investor survey. The respondents are mainly sophisticated investors and analysts from financial institutions covering both buy…

In: Hive Exclusives | Data, Models & Market Infrastructure

Macro Hive Smart Investor Survey: Results

July 16, 2020

We recently surveyed our Macro Hive network. The respondents were mainly sophisticated investors and analysts from financial institutions covering both buy and…

COVID History

In: Podcast Playlists | COVID-19 Sustainability & Social Issues

Dan Snow On COVID History And Cummings (Talking Politics)

June 09, 2020

Recent pandemics (i.e. Spanish flu 1919 and Russian influenza of 1889) had deadlier second and third waves. If that is repeated in the current pandemic…

Japan USA

In: Podcast Playlists | Economics Growth & Labour Market

What The Weak Recovery In Japan Can Teach Us About Re-Igniting The US Economy (Odd Lots, Bloomberg Markets)

June 09, 2020

The prolonged recession in Japan (starting from the 1990s) could have been avoided if more emphasis was placed on credit creation (bank lending)…

In: Podcast Playlists | China & Hong Kong

Has China Won? Part 2 Of Our Conversation With Singapore’s Kishore Mahbubani (Sinica)

June 09, 2020

Alliances with other countries will primarily determine the outcome of the Sino- American tussle. American thinkers failed to understand the Chinese…

Debt Dynamics

In: Podcast Playlists | Credit Economics Emerging Markets

Daunting Debt Dynamics (Top of Mind)

June 09, 2020

Kenneth Rogoff thinks that it was an appropriate move to increase debts levels to sustain the economy during the pandemic. He does not see the…

Niall Ferguson Podcast

In: Podcast Playlists | COVID-19 Economics

World vs Virus, Niall Ferguson – A Historian’s View (World Economic Forum)

June 09, 2020

Throughout history, humans have learnt to adapt. “I don’t think we should assume there’ll be a post-COVID-19 era, any more than there’s a…

Bolsonaro Social Experiment

In: Deep Dives | COVID-19 Emerging Markets Geopolitics Sustainability & Social Issues

Speech Can Kill: Bolsonaro And The Social Distancing Experiment

May 27, 2020

When President Trump suggests that injecting disinfectant could cure COVID-19 both health experts and the disinfectant manufacturers quickly came…

War Economics

In: Deep Dives | Economics Monetary Policy & Inflation

Using Lessons From War Mobilisation To Fight COVID

April 22, 2020

As the fight against COVID-19 continues, we ask: what lessons from war mobilisation can be employed to fight pandemics? Looking at…

In: Deep Dives | Economics Growth & Labour Market

The WWI Economics Of COVID-19

April 01, 2020

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on our lives, health, and the economy. Given the global scale of action to combat the virus, it’s no far stretch to equate the…

DSGE Model

In: Deep Dives | Data, Models & Market Infrastructure Economics

Demystifying the DSGE Model

March 25, 2020

DSGE models were bashed during the Great Recession for their inability to foresee the crisis. Yet, they are still central banks’ go-to macroeconomic tool…

Coronavirus Spread

In: Deep Dives | Sustainability & Social Issues US

How Early And Sustained Social Distancing Helps Reduce Pandemic Risks

March 11, 2020

Social distancing is currently considered one of the most effective mechanisms to control COVID-19. But what can history tell us about how well this type…

Global Capital Flows (1)

In: Deep Dives | Credit Monetary Policy & Inflation US

How Fed Policy Determines Global Capital Flows

February 26, 2020

When the US economy sneezes, every other country catches a cold. Many investors have long felt this, and in recent years academics have provided…

Narratives Cartoon

In: Deep Dives | Economics

Using Narrative Economics To Better Understand Markets

January 29, 2020

Economics lags other social sciences, such as history, anthropology, and sociology, in understanding the ways narratives (stories) affect human actions…

In: Deep Dives | Credit Economics Monetary Policy & Inflation Rates

Lower Real Rates – It’s A Seven Hundred Year Trend

January 15, 2020

A new paper by Harvard economist Paul Schmelzing, Eight centuries of global real interest rates, R-G, and the ‘suprasecular’ decline, 1311-2018, puts…

In: Deep Dives | Equities Investment Strategy

Drop Your Shorts: Improving Your Equity Investing

December 18, 2019

Equity factor investors choose stocks based on certain attributes that generate consistently higher returns. Common ones include…

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