By Mehdi Farooq 09-06-2020
In: podcasts | China & Hong Kong

Has China Won? Part 2 Of Our Conversation With Singapore’s Kishore Mahbubani (Sinica)

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Summary (You can listen to the podcast by clicking here)

  • Alliances with other countries will primarily determine the outcome of the Sino- American tussle.
  • American thinkers failed to understand the Chinese mindset, which is the preservation of their people, excelling in the world economy without conflicts and avoiding humiliation.
  • “The most important phrase to understand the Chinese mind and that is the century of humiliation. The Chinese suffered a century of humiliation from the opium war of 1842, and then the British seized Chinese territory and forced the Chinese to accept opium. That was followed by more wars, more reparations from China and then there was the horrendous sacking of the summer palace in 1860 by the British and French troops….”
  • Countries that looked up to America are now demoralized by its policies to preserve its primacy (i.e. America First ). Due to this, China now has significant soft power which it can leverage for trade and businesses.

[Bullish China]



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