Mirza Baig Joins Macro Hive Team

We are proud to announce that Mirza Baig will join the Macro Hive Team to enhance our Professional offering. As a senior macro strategist, Mirza will lead our global emerging markets research effort. Mirza is one of the top market strategists in the industry and has been researching and trading global FX & rates products for over 19 years. His career boasts affiliations with premier sell-side entities such as Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, and Deutsche Bank. Moreover, his invaluable expertise from the buy-side perspective at Point 72 positions him uniquely in the industry. 

Mirza will focus on EM strategy and global macro, as well as developing analytics for investors. Mirza sets himself apart by maintaining a laser-like focus on the forward returns of financial markets and employing a thesis-driven framework for generating trading strategies. His methodology is built on comprehensive research of underlying fundamentals, rigorous scenario analysis, and low-frequency, high-conviction idea generation.   

Mirza’s significant experience at leading sell-side and buy-side firms will bring invaluable expertise to the Macro Hive client base.   

Mirza will be based in North America but will be flexible to accommodate client calls and interactions during Asia and European hours. Please feel free to reach out to him at or on Bloomberg. 

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