By Bilal Hafeez 08-01-2021
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Reasons for Optimism on Global Growth

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(1) Three Reasons for Optimism on Global Growth (2 min read)
Downside risks to the global recovery are rising as fresh COVID restrictions curb mobility. Caroline Grady gives three reasons why this will not derail the global recovery.  


(Caroline Grady│ 8th January, 2021)







(2) 2021 Grey Swans – One down (2 min read)
We also wanted to highlight that one of our 2021 Grey Swans has now come to fruition, namely a clean sweep for Biden. To see what other low probability, high impact events we highlighted as possibilities for this year you can find the complete list here.

(John Tierney│ 8th December, 2020)



The Jobs of Tomorrow (IMFBlog, 2 min read)

Sovereigns to test the long end of the curve (OMFIF, 4 min read)

The Quiet Financial Crisis (Project Syndicate, 6 min read)

Raising a caution flag on US financial sanctions against China (PIIE, 10 page read)







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