The Hive Q1 Report: We’re Buzzing

The first quarter has been action-packed at Macro Hive. Alongside an upgraded homepage, we launched a host of new products to keep you ahead of the macro curve.  

The Direct Line 

Our monthly Asset Allocation Update gives you a hotline into Macro Hive’s latest portfolio weighting, while I now write Weekly Insights on the must-know macro themes impacting markets. And to brief you on the week ahead, Andrew Simon and Dominique Dwor-Frecaut now discuss Key Events on Saturdays. 

Tracking the Storm 

A whirlwind of macro trends has kept markets in turmoil through Q1, but our new trackers will place your fingers directly on the pulse of each. With inflation rising and the Fed reeling, our Recession Predictor tracks the probability of an economic downturn in the US. Meanwhile, on the fallout from the Russia-Ukraine war, our Sanctions Tracker keeps tabs on which countries are acting, how intensely, and which are abstaining. 

Outside Expertise 

To dig into the details of these complex scenarios, we now hold specialist webinars. Dr Samuel Ramani gave us timely updates during the breakout of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and Amir Adnani, CEO of Uranium Energy Corp, discussed investment opportunities in uranium.  

Learn It, Trade It 

We are also turning out more educational content. Our popular Explainer series unpacks emerging topics so you can stay ahead of the curve. Want to know what is causing inflation? Or how quantitative tightening works? Need to work out what crypto mining is? We cover them all. And we even animate them! Check out Azeem Azhar’s Explainer, What Is the Exponential Age?, and John List’s piece, What Is Scaling? 

In the News 

Keeping up public appearances, I return regularly to Bloomberg discussing how to adjust your investment portfolio for a recession, what inflation means for markets, and whether markets are underestimating the impacts of such a large oil shock

Buzzing Away 

Excitingly, The Hive community is growing. We had a conference in March to meet members and talk macro. And our in-house team is expanding. We officially welcomed Henry Occleston, expert on European markets and strategy whizz. And Matthew Tibble joined as Commissioning Editor. 

Digital Expansion 

Finally, we are building new corners of our website. Our Investor Tips provides a curated list of the best advice from our podcast guests designed to give you the trading edge. The Hive Library contains the must-read books our community is recommending for investors like you. And our Hive Charts reveals nine graphs you must see to understand the market today. 

To keep up with everything new at the Hive, make sure you are signed up to our Slack Chat Rooms. And for anything else, I am just an email away. Here’s to a few more quarters like the first! 



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