By Bilal Hafeez 10-06-2020
In: hive-exclusives | Sustainability & Social Issues US

Whose Lives Matter

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Yellow people. Red people. Black people. Brown people. White people. In theory, we believe everyone’s lives matter equally. In practice, we know that society falls short. I like to think in terms of the philosopher John Rawls’ veil of ignorance. How would you want society to be structured if you didn’t know who you would end being in that society? So, if suddenly your skin changed colour, would you be confident that you would get a fair shot in life? Or if the police stopped you, what skin colour would you prefer – white or black?

Growing up as a brown person, I remember clearly how walking around with black friends was a fundamentally different experience than walking around with white friends. With the former, people would cross the road to avoid us. If we were sitting in a stationary car, a police car would pull up – like clockwork. This never of course happened when I was with my white friends.


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