By Bilal Hafeez 17-09-2020
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US TIPS vs Gold / Inflation Under Biden + Best Of The Web

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(1) Biden and Trump Macroeconomic Convergence Points at Move to High Inflation Regime (3 min read) Dominique Dwor-Frecaut compares the macroeconomic plans of the Biden and Trump campaigns and what they mean for inflation and Fed policy. Higher inflation is likely under both, according to Dominique, but implementation of Biden’s plans would require the Democrats to also win the Senate.  

(Dominique Dwor-Frecaut,│ 17th September, 2020)


Biden and Trump



(2) US TIPS vs Gold, Part 1: Understanding Inflation is the First Step in Hedging It (5 min read) Commodities expert, John Bulter, and rates guru, George Goncalves, team up to analyze hedging options in an environment of rising inflation. In this first installment they look at what is driving inflation and whether TIPS offer a good hedge.

(John Butler │ 17th September, 2020)


3) BoE Prepares for a QE Extension in November 2020 (3 min read) UK expert, Phil Rush, previewed today’s Bank of England meeting. No change in policy was expected until November but the BoE made clear a move to negative rates is under consideration.

(Phil Rush│ 16th September, 2020)



The Big Cycles of China and Its Currency (Ray Dalio, 15 page read)

Asian Intervention in the Foreign Exchange Market is Back. Bigly (Brad Setser, 5 min read)

Dollar demise or just a blip? (GAM Investment, 6 min read)

Are equities expensive? (JP Morgan Asset Management, 2 min read)





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