By Bilal Hafeez 23-07-2019
In: podcasts | Geopolitics UK

The Making of Boris Johnson (The Daily, 28 min listen)

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(You can listen to the podcast by clicking here)

An American, left wing take on Boris Johnson, the soon-to-be UK Prime Minister. This NY Times podcast paints him unflatteringly, highlighting in particular his lack of regard for facts. In his early career as a journalist, Johnson was notorious for making up anti-EU stories to generate attention. But his charming and bumbling personality has retained him public favour. As a politician, he re-invented himself as liberal, urbane, and multi-cultural figure to become mayor of London, revealing his ability to gain power whatever the circumstances. He campaigned for Brexit not expecting to win, but now has ended up becoming PM with the prospect of completing Brexit.

Why does this matter? Nothing in Johnson’s history suggests he can manage a complex trade negotiation. At the same time, his political convictions are loosely held, so he could ultimately support a soft Brexit if it was politically expedient for him. This could mean the market could be over-pricing the chances of hard Brexit.

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