The Birthday Buzz: Three Years at the Hive

Macro Hive celebrates its third year anniversary! 🎊🎉🎂  

I wanted to share a few quick words, but before that, check out mine and Andrew’s video blog below, where we discuss highlights from the past year and the things we’re most excited about for the next!

Three Years at the Hive

The best investment advice I ever received was to survive. That means not losing your investment capital so you can stay in markets and accrue, and compound returns over time. Warren Buffet constantly refers to this principle: “I started building this little snowball at the top of a very long hill”, and “my life has been a product of compound interest”. You can apply the same idea to start-ups. It’s very hard to go from zero to one – from nothing to something. But it’s even harder to remain in existence. It’s no wonder so many start-ups fail in their early years. Thankfully, Macro Hive is celebrating its third birthday – we’ve got from zero to one and beyond!

Most importantly, we are also using the best business advice I ever received: focus on clients first! We love the support, encouragement, and feedback our clients have given us. This has resulted in thousands joining the Macro Hive community with a shared interest in global markets.

What has allowed us to get to this point? Well, it certainly helps that investors are sceptical of conventional research produced by big companies. Often, such research is beholden to a house view or constrained by internal risk exposure. Or the research is no more than clever-sounding marketing for some new trade or investment product the company is trying to unload.

Then there is the sea of independent research providers, investment letter writers and FinTwit voices that claim to be the antidote. But despite their lofty claims, they are rife with fake analysis and are peddlers of doom and gloom, aiming to gain clicks rather than offer original market insights. Macro Hive stands outside both these camps – we’re fiercely independent, and we have deep expertise on markets. We’re the place you come to for well thought out and experienced perspectives that will help you make returns for the long run.

But more than that, we think the real source of our strength is our open culture foundation. We have an impressive in-house research team, but we’re also super open to adding smart thinkers and investors to our active network. By active, I mean active – we have chatrooms, regular calls, and meetings with the network. So, members are as much part of the Macro Hive team as the ‘in-house’ team. Through this open network approach, we can deliver a breadth of expertise similar to the largest institutions in the world. This makes Macro Hive a very special organisation and infuses us consistently with diverse and original insights.

The result is that Macro Hive offers something for all levels of investor. We have our free weekly podcast show for those who want deep insights on diverse market-related topics. We have a free newsletter for the people who starting their investor journey. We have our Prime offering for the more dedicated retail investor who wants to stay on top of key macro developments and wants to know whether they should invest in crypto or equities or cash. Then we have our high-octane Professional offering, which is suitable for institutional investors. Many of the world’s large investment funds subscribe to this product.

We don’t want to stay still. We have an exciting new product pipeline for the coming years. But more important than that is our community. We want to speak to you and meet you more often. We want to hear from you on what you’d like us to focus on. So, reach out! Email us or swing by our Mayfair offices. Join Macro Hive in our journey to be the most open and trustworthy source of investment insights in the world.


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