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By Phil Suttle Bilal Hafeez 10-04-2020
In: hive-podcasts | COVID-19 Economics

Ep. 4: Phil Suttle On V-Shaped Recoveries, Inflation And Euro Break-Up Risks

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Macro Hive Conversations With Bilal Hafeez
Ep. 4: Phil Suttle On V-Shaped Recoveries, Inflation And Euro Break-Up Risks

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In this episode, I have a conversation with one of my favourite global economists, Phil Suttle. He’s got the credentials having worked at J.P. Morgan, the Fed, World Bank, Barclays and Tudor, but it’s his analysis that stands out. In the podcast, we talk about:

(1) How to forecast growth when economies lock-down

(2) Whether the policy responses so far will make a difference and how Asia is behaving differently

(3) The chances of a second-half recovery

(4) How the world will look after COVID

(5) How inflation could finally arise

(6) How the euro-area could finally meet its biggest challenge


We talk about this and much more. Make sure to subscribe to the show on Apple, Spotify or wherever you go for your podcasts. You can follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

You can also find out more about Phil Suttle’s research product here.

Phil Suttle is the founder and principal of Suttle Economics.



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