By Bilal Hafeez 25-02-2021
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Enough Stuff, Buy Leisure Instead

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(1) Stop Buying Stuff, Plan to Splurge on Fun Activities Instead (2 min read)
Consumer spending should start to shift towards leisure-oriented activities and away from goods, says John Tierney. This favours underperforming ETFs such as AWAY, JETS and PEJ.

(John Tierney│ 25th February, 2021)




(2) Podcast Transcript: Jay Pelosky on the Coming Boom, Mega-Tech Weakness and Big Government (45 min read)
We published the transcript of our recent podcast with Jay Pelosky, founder of TPW Advisory and former top ranked head of asset allocation at Morgan Stanley. You can also listen to it here.

(Bilal Hafeez│ 25th February, 2021)



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