By Bilal Hafeez 14-09-2020
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COVID’s Persistent Damage To Services Trade / This Week’s Key Events

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(1) COVID-19 World Trade Damage To Services (7 min read) Phil Suttle gives an excellent analysis on the impact of the COVID crisis on global trade. In contrast to the GFC it is services, rather than goods trade, that has suffered the brunt of the decline leaving the prospect of persistent damage and protectionist policies.  

(Phil Suttle │ 14th September, 2020)




(2) Key Events: Week of 14 September (1 min read) Wednesday’s Fed meeting will take centre stage this week given the recent announcement of a shift to  AIT. The BoE, BoJ and several EM central banks also hold policy meetings this week. 

(Bilal Hafeez │ 14th September, 2020)



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