By Bilal Hafeez 16-04-2021
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Why RUB Should Rally Post Sanctions

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(1) Russia Sanctions: The Shock That Never Came (5 min read)
US sanctions against Russia were relatively mild and already priced ahead of Thursday’s announcement, writes Tatiana Orlova. Current tensions between the two countries should gradually fizzle out in the coming weeks leaving scope for further RUB appreciation.  

(Tatiana Orlova│16th April, 2021)




April Regional Service-Sector Survey Points to A Long-Awaited (Liberty Street Economics, 3 min read)

A COVID-19 Recovery Contribution (IMF Blog, 3 min read)

The Changing Climate of Central Banking (Project Syndicate, 5 min read)

Brown assets might be the next subprime (VoxEU, 5 min read)


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