By Bilal Hafeez 27-11-2020
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When To Buy TRY

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(1) Turkey: What to Watch for a Sustained Lira Turnaround (3 min read) The new economic management team, a large rate hike and removal of several lending incentives are important positives in Turkey. But Caroline Grady argues that until we see a decisive turnaround in the credit impulse, import growth and inflation expectations, the lira is not yet a buy.

(Caroline Grady│ 27th November, 2020)


COVID vaccines are party-poopers for gold (Flow Bank, 3 min read)

Green and ESG bonds: what’s behind their rise? (Schroder’s, 7 min read)

What’s in store for r*? (Money and Banking, 8 min read)

UK firms’ equity price performance during the Covid-19 pandemic (Bank Underground, 5 min read)






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