By Bilal Hafeez 29-10-2019
In: podcasts | Business & Technology

What You Do Is Who You Are (The Tim Ferris Show)

(73 min listen)
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A fascinating conversation with Ben Horowitz, co-founder of VC firm Andreessen Horowitz, on his new management book, What You Do Is Who You Are, where he shares wisdom on running companies. He describes the book as a guide on how to shape culture for new CEOs and considers what the behaviours are that reflect personal belief and whether or not it is possible to re-invent culture.

His book draws extensively from the Haitian Revolution. More generally, the podcast covers the distinctions between management and leadership and the job of a CEO. Horowitz also gives his top book recommendations for budding entrepreneurs, his advice for first-time executive leaders, and tips on how to manage your own psychology.

Why does this matter? Being in any senior management position requires much more than leadership, it seems – Horowitz appears to have mastered the art of being a CEO and it’s worth listening to his experience.

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