By Mehdi Farooq 09-06-2020

Dan Snow On COVID History And Cummings (Talking Politics)

(49 min listen)
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Summary (You can listen to the podcast by clicking here)

  • Recent pandemics (i.e. Spanish flu 1919 and Russian influenza of 1889) had deadlier second and third waves. If that is repeated in the current pandemic, food and utility distribution of our society could collapse due to the centralized nature of modern society.
  • Existing trends get “Turbo Charged” during pandemics. Although Black death didn’t sow the seed of Renaissance, but its spread in Europe was accelerated because of it. During the current pandemic, existing trend such as remote learning and government surveillance have been fast-tracked and will continue to do so.
  • As societies become more urbanized, we could see the arrival of new and more Zoonotic Diseases (i.e. Ebola).
  • One parallel with war is when it comes to human survival – mobilization of resources and innovation happen rapidly. For instance, transformation of Canvas plane to Jet plane during WWII. This makes Dan Snow optimistic that a vaccine could be created earlier than many think.
  • “Johnson does not want to face the next phase of Brexit negotiations without Cummings. For Johnson to sacrifice Cummings now would be existential for his government; that is why he won’t do it.”

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