By Manan Shah 10-01-2020

Trend Expert On “Chaos Is The New Normal” (Bloomberg Businessweek)

(8 min listen)
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Summary (You can listen to the podcast by clicking here)

Trend expert Marian Salzman of Philip Morris discusses her report “Chaos is the New Normal” and talks about 20 trends for 2020:

• Salzman discusses the importance of physical interaction, e.g. face to face communication in the age where electronic communication increasingly dominates. She stresses we tend to make many “friends” via social media but have very few intimate relationships.

• She presents a series of solutions to overcome lack of physical interaction. Firstly, we have to differentiate between our friends, family and followers. Secondly, seek for simplicity.

• A second major trend – the “plant to plate” movement is discussed. People want to know the right information about their meat/food and believe plant-based food is better for ourselves and the planet. We will, however, see a reversal once the source of meat and other information around it becomes standard. The clean food movement may not necessarily last while the vegan trend will continue.

• Finally, Salzman discusses the trend in the youth movement, which initially seemed to be led by Greta but proposes its first initiator was Malala. The movement has elements of previous upheavals but has a fresh feel where the youth are standing up to the authorities to call for change.


Why does this matter?

Salzman has a brilliant knack for spotting trends before they go mainstream. Ever more alternative data points are easily accessible and spotting these trends is now an absolute source of competitive advantage.



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