By Bilal Hafeez 15-10-2019

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions (The Bulletin with UBS)

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A panel of two of the co-authors of the UN SDG (Sutainable Development Goals) initiative discuss investment areas within goal 16, which focuses on making societies less violent and reducing social inequalities within countries. Rachel Whittaker, Sustainable Investing Strategist at UBS Wealth Management in Zurich, explains that most areas target not just government policy but also corporates.

For investors, there are plenty of interesting opportunities, especially in the space of security and the safety of products. Next, Alexander Steeler, Equity Analyst in Wealth Management, highlights expected cyber security growth of 8% over the next few years and the market reaching $145bn by 2020. This is driven by the ‘internet of things’ which companies will use for large-scale protection. Steeler recommends investors to look into places like the smart lock market, which will grow exponentially.

Why does this matter? A few days ago, the UN General Assembly reviewed the seventeen goals they themselves set in 2015 – the US was the only country that did not volunteer to report progress. As the SDG Summit indicated, the world has quite a bit of catching up to do to put us on course to reach the global goals.

As we move into 2020 for the final 10 years of the SDGs—what has been named a ‘decade of delivery’— it’s important to locate investment for the UN Sustainable goals. But for many this is proving difficult. Engagement from companies, governments, and private investment is vital.

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