By Bilal Hafeez 03-06-2019
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Monday 3rd June

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President Trump’s Move Against Huawei Is A Big Deal (31 mins,  Bloomberg Odd Lots, 3 June) Gavekal Dragonomics’ Dan Wang describes the centrality of Huawei to China. Its dependence on US chips. Also mentions that Nokia and Ericsson could be the winners in networking markets.

Susan Hockfield: The real answer to sustainable energy might be a virus-built battery  (58 mins, Recode Decode, 31 May) Former MIT President Hockfield talks about the next wave of innovation in “living machines”. The juicy bits start at 20 minutes, when she talks about how viruses can be used in batteries, which would negate the use of lithium and cobalt.

China’s epic push for cleaner energy (41 mins,The Brookings Cafeteria, 31 May) China has the largest electric car market in the world. The green energy push started as China took advantage of subsidised EU solar markets. China is currently innovating heavily in green energy transmission.

How will the Continental Free Trade Area transform Africa? (11 mins, The Current, 31 May) Over fifty African countries signed the Continental Free Trade Agreement – largest in terms of number of countries since WTO. Nigeria is a hold-out, but could join with elections over.

Joseph Lau – How to Become a Financial Modelling World Champion (29 mins, The Wall Street Lab, 30 May) Title over-promises, but skip to minute 23, when he discusses how most excel work gets bogged down in lookup and index/match functions, rather than actual modelling.

Bolsonaro’s first six months  (16 mins, FT World Weekly, 30 May) Useful review of Brazil’s populist leader’s first six months in office. It discusses his drop in popularity and also the chances of pension reform.