By Bilal Hafeez 05-11-2019

Alex Gurevich: Stop This Conversation and Pause This Interview, Go Buy Gold! (Macro Voices)

(66 min listen)
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Alex Gurevich, Founder and CIO of HonTe Investments, gives his in-depth and insightful views on the Fed cuts, gold, and treasuries. He currently sees yields continuing to fall, FED rates spiralling to zero, and longer-dated treasuries being historically much cheaper than any other assets while continuing to generate return.

He also sees Fed moves and commentary as irrelevant for long-term market moves. E.g., rates would have rallied anyway because it’s all priced in already. Contrary to most commentators, Gurevich sees the probability of a fourth cut in December as 50/50. Finally, he shares his secular bull market on gold. He views the commodity as definitely holding up above 3000 five years from now and today is the time to buy.

Why does this matter? Gurevich is a seasoned investor who has lived through three major easing cycles in his career: his views on the current markets are therefore valuable. Strong recommendations for investing in safe havens such as gold are usually predictors of a downturn.

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