Macro Hive Trading Competition: Winner Takes Home Ethereum!

By Sahil Sakhrani Sahil Sakhrani

We’re very excited to share the Final results from our first ever trading competition! Here were the questions and their respective correct answers:

1. Which currency will gain the most (lose the least) against the USD?
Correct answer: EUR

2. Which world equity market do you expect to outperform?
Correct answer: FTSE 100

3. Which US equity sector do you expect to outperform?
Correct answer: Financials (XLF)

4. Which commodity do you expect to outperform?
Correct answer: Copper

5. Where will the VIX be?
Correct answer: Above 25

6. Which cryptocurrency do you expect to outperform?
Correct answer: Ethereum

And the Winner is…diamondhands21!!!

Was a close call in the end with some last minute charges for the top of the table!  Well done and thanks to everyone that played. We’ll be in touch soon with our winner! Our first place will receive Ethereum as their prize. Sign-up for Macro Hive Prime to take part in the next competition.

If you enjoyed this, let us know and I’m sure that we can get even more creative in future!



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