Former J.P Morgan Global EM Strategist Joins Macro Hive

Macro Hive has hired Bert Gochet to lead its Emerging Markets Strategy efforts. Gochet, who formerly co-ran Global Emerging Markets Strategy at J.P Morgan, will join the fastest-growing independent global macro and investment research provider to spearhead new products and deliver fresh insights.

The firm has experienced a three-fold growth over the past year. And emerging markets research is an area of rapidly growing investor demand.

‘Bert is a unique talent. He has worked in Latin America, Europe and Asia, developed deep expertise in these geographies, including China and has buy-side experience. This fits well with the ethos of Macro Hive to deliver actionable insights based on world-class analysis’… said Bilal Hafeez, Founder and CEO of Macro Hive.

Alongside catering to asset managers and hedge funds, Gochet will leverage his 25 years’ experience to power Macro Hive’s vision to act as an external research hub for banks. Regulatory and cost pressures are forcing banks to adapt. And many are turning to Macro Hive to provide and improve on the research that was once produced internally.

‘Macro Hive has become one of the best hubs for research. The quality of the research team and the Macro Hive network is second to none. I look forward to working with the team to develop a unique emerging market product that will deliver true value for investors’… said Bert Gochet.

To learn more about Macro Hive Professional and access Gochet’s latest insights, contact us.

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