Bilal Hafeez Speaks at Blockworks DAS

Macro Hive CEO and Founder Bilal Hafeez was invited to Blockworks Digital Asset Summit in London to join a panel of speakers on the topic, ‘The Macro Crystal Ball: What comes next?’

Hosted by Alfonso Peccatiello, Imran Lakha and Patrick Perret-Green joined Bilal on the panel. The group discussed the current macro landscapes that investors should consider before making any decisions on investment, digital assets included!

The panel also discussed an array of other topics, including the most distorted asset class in today’s macroeconomic landscape and what risks and opportunities investors should consider for the months ahead.

Inflation and central banks continue to be a key focus point, and the panel weighed in on their individual outlooks for the Fed over the next few months. They also discuss what happened to the gilt and LDI markets after the UK mini budget!

Thanks to Blockworks for sharing the full panel video with us.  

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