It’s Macro Hive’s second birthday! Its been two years since we sent out our first email and its been an incredible journey since. We have seen our articles consumed by subscribers from all around the world, even as far as Eritrea and Vanatu.

Our Macro Hive Team now consists of 22 full-time members of staff, all uniquely contributing to the hive and making our products better for our subscribers. We also saw a lot of podcast downloads, which continue to be a fan favourite, featuring a very high calibre of industry professionals for intriguing and entertaining conversations.

So, how are we celebrating our anniversary? We have dropped our paywall so that any one without a Macro Hive subscription is able to access our content completely free! This is so that individuals who have not had a chance to explore our premium content can learn more about the research we provide and the insights that can be taken away from it.

Consistent with out philosophy of being analytical, here are some statistics from our past year:

Thank You to all our Hiver’s for keeping us going! We look forward to celebrating more milestones with our unique community.