I’m always scouring the world for useful life tips and I’ve found that the /LifeProTips channel on Reddit is a great resource. What follows are the some of the most upvoted life tips posted over the past year. Love the first one…

  1.  If you’re stuck on an annoying call, put your phone on airplane mode instead of just hanging up. The other person will see “call failed” instead of “call ended”.
  2. Many problems in marriage are really just problems with being a bad roommate. Learn how to be a good roommate, and it will solve many of the main issues that plague marriages. This includes communicating about something bothering you before you get too angry to communicate properly.
  3. If you tell someone a secret, they are almost definitely going to tell their spouse, even if you promise them to secrecy.
  4. When you don’t have all the facts, try to give people the most generous reason you can for their behaviour. Annoyingly slow driver? Maybe it’s a mom with a birthday cake in the back. This mindset will gradually make you less reactive, more compassionate and more forgiving of your own bad days.
  5. Don’t be fooled by the “working for a dream company” ideology. You’ll be much better off with an amazing boss at an average company who champions your work, allows you to develop mastery in your field, and gives you autonomy.
  6. Do not try to be the man your father would want you to be. Be the man you would like your son to be. It more clearly defines your own convictions, desires, goals, and motivates you to be your best.
  7. In college, it is much better to be friends with the people who have the party house than it is to live at the party house.
  8. After a bad break up, do 10 things that your ex would never do with you. You’ll feel better and realize how much of yourself was being held back.
  9. You may not like being in pictures or taking them, but you will hate that you have no photos of some time period when you’re older. Take pictures even if it is out of your comfort zone occasionally, for your future self.
  10. If someone slights/insults you publicly during a meeting, pretend like you didn’t hear them the first time and politely ask them to repeat themself. They’ll either double-down & repeat the insult again, making them look rude and unprofessional. Or they’ll realize their mistake & apologize to you.
  11. “Instead of feeling that you’ve blown the day and thinking, “I’ll get back on track tomorrow,” try thinking of each day as a set of four quarters: morning, midday, afternoon, evening. If you blow one quarter, you get back on track for the next quarter. Fail small, not big.”
  12. When someone gets interrupted while telling a story, invite them to continue after the interruption is over with an “as you were saying about (x)” or something similar. It can be uncomfortable for the person to start back up and this makes them feel like you valued their words.
  13. If you’re around 12-15, listen to as much music as you can because the music you listen to during those years will stick with you for life and the feeling of going back to those songs when you’re older is quite euphoric.
  14. If your roommate ever cooks a meal and lets you eat it with them, do all of the dishes unprompted. It’s polite, shows respect for the work your roommate put into it, saves them the hassle, and makes them far more likely to do so again in the future. Cooking for them later would be a good idea.
  15. Don’t wait around for others. Make your own plans and stick to them. Don’t be the person who never gets out just because nobody else can go with you.
  16. Always tell a child who is wearing a helmet how cool you think their helmet is. It will encourage them to always wear it in the future.

Bilal Hafeez
 is the CEO and Editor of Macro Hive. He spent over twenty years doing research at big banks – JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, and Nomura, where he had various “Global Head” roles and did FX, rates and cross-markets research.


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