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By Bilal Hafeez Bobby Vedral 08-05-2020
In: hive-podcasts | COVID-19

Ep. 8: Bobby Vedral On Euro Area Tensions, Brexit And US Elections

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Macro Hive Conversations With Bilal Hafeez
Ep. 8: Bobby Vedral On Euro Area Tensions, Brexit And US Elections

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In this episode, I talk politics and markets with Bobby Vedral. He’s a top macro and political analyst who runs Macro Eagle. He is also the UK representative of the German Economic Council, which focuses on the German-British relationship post-Brexit. Before that Bobby was at Goldman Sachs where he was a partner and Global Head of Market Strats.

On the podcast, we discuss:

1. The structural consequences of the COVID crisis
2. What the stress points are for the Euro-area and which countries are at the center of tensions
3. How the latest German constitutional court ruling could constrain the ECB
4. What’s going to happen with Brexit
5. The widening China/rest of the world political rift
6. Why Biden would likely beat Trump in elections and the importance of Biden’s VP pick
7. The problem with big tech’s monopoly
8. The future of climate change policy and ESG
9. The dramatic increase in risks of global political brinkmanship

Bobby gives a very thoughtful and often different from consensus view on key political issues of the day, so make sure to listen to the whole episode. You can reach him at

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