By Bilal Hafeez 31-07-2020

Ep. 20: Edward Misrahi On Decluttering Your Investment Process, EM Crises And Current Risks

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In this episode, I talk with Edward Misrahi. Edward is the CIO and Founder of Ronit Capital – a leading emerging markets focused hedge fund. He founded the fund in 2013, before that he was a founding partner of Eton Park Capital. Edward started his career at Goldman Sachs – where amongst other things he worked in the famous Risk Arbitrage group and later become a partner.

In this podcast we discuss:

1. The 1994 Mexico crisis and learning how to buy distressed assets
2. The 1997-1998 Asia/Russia/LTCM crisis and the importance of correlations
3. The problem with hedging and importance of thinking of gross positions
4. How to think about the US factor when trading EM markets
5. The three ingredients of EM crises
6. Be careful of overweighting politics
7. Decluttering the investment process
8. COVID’s decoupling of markets and the economy
9. Market risks still remain
10. Which EM markets look good

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